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Don Orione

On October 26, 1980, John Paul II beatified Don Orione, founder of the Little Work of Divine Providence. Don Orione's work now extends to five continents with its message of love and care for those most in need. .

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It is impossible to summarize the charism of Don Orione in a few lines. His extensive correspondence, writings, and most importantly, his example of complete surrender to the will of God is what motivates us to his spiritual children to follow his teachings. Don Orione was born in Italy in 1872.

His charisma and action can be summarized in one word: "God loves all creatures without exception, but Providence could not help distinguish special love for the afflicted, the sick and afflicted of all kinds." Among the works being conducted by the Congregation are Small Cottolengos, the Centers for Handicapped, oratorios and Institutes of Assistance to needy and neglected. All with one common denominator: the assistance and care of those who are rejected by the Company and have no place in the world. The works of the Congregation are supported with the help of benefactors working with the support and maintenance of these.
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Gurises Project faithful to the charism so rich and noble aims to follow in the footsteps of our Founding Father, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God. Throughout his life Don Orione moved to Latin America, where he lived some years founding and Asian works spiritually to those who came seeking comfort and a word of encouragement. During his stay in our country (Uruguay) lived in where it is now Gurises Project Headquarters. With great affection and devotion we keep some items used. One such room was the bedroom and another had set up his office. Besides this, the small Chapel of the Crucifix of the Project was also founded by Father Nuesto.

Join our subsite dedicated to San Luis Orione. The same is composed of two major areas. The first corresponds to images of Don Orione work done by a high-resolution scanning performed in 2000. The second area corresponds to a selection of texts for those who want to know and deepen the thinking of this great man.





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